At Wolf and Wildflower, we are passionate about keeping Mother Nature content, and as such, we ensure we take positive steps towards supporting a green future for our little wilds.

Our packaging is not only beautiful but 100% recyclable, and we never use unnecessary plastics in the processing of your order or packaging.

In an age of disposable fashion and plastic packaging, the damage this is causing is irrevocable, we want to ensure that we provide you with long lasting, beautiful clothing you will keep, and that your delivery causes the least impact to the environment as possible. Keeping our planet clean and green for our little wilds.


We operate a return and reward program; an incentive we hope our customers will take advantage of.

Once your child has outgrown their Wolf and Wildflower garment, simply return it to us in good condition, we will donate it to charity, and in return give you a 20% W&W voucher to use in our shop.

Contact us to arrange your return and we will send you your unique code once it has been received.