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‘Its Just a Phase’ … of new ideas

As you might of seen from social media we’ve been busy working on bringing some new products to the shop, to further expand our tie dye offering for you guys and from that our new ‘unique designs’ collection was born.

This is a collection that’s been bubbling away in my mind for so long and to finally have it realised and for sale in the shop is just wonderful.

Inspired always by the behaviour and nature of children, their ever changing ways and their desire for adventure and curiosity and The first design perfectly captures that.

Many a parent has heard the phrase ‘it’s just a phase’ and ‘they’ll grow out of it’, and whilst these words are supposed to be reassuring that ‘this too shall pass’  during trying times of parenting. Yet what this collection is designed to do, is harness the fact that all these phases of behaviour, are actually magical moments in childhood development, your child learning, developing, pushing boundaries and learning who they are.

To add to this collection, we have also introduced the start of our ‘personalised’ range. Designing symbols and motifs for you to personalise with names, initials, birth year and much more, allowing you to create a truly unique and personal item for your little wild ones.